Saturday, 25 January 2014

Reasons for Ghost Peaks in HPLC analysis

Ghost Peaks in HPLC analysis

Ghost peaks are contaminant peaks that can appear even when no sample is injected.

Probable Causes of Ghost peaks

·       Laboratory sample contamination

·       Column contamination

·       System contamination

·       Contamination from Glassware and Filtration of Reagents

·       Contamination from mobile phase

·       Cary over from the previous injection


  1. A good instrument for removing ghost peaks in gradient HPLC is the use of a trap column like the Ghost-Guard-LC:
    The Ghost-Guard-LC increases reliability of gradient trace impurity analysis by eliminating Ghost Peaks caused by mobile Phase or hardware components.
    In gradient elution analysis using a HPLC system, impurities from the mobile phase solvents, mobile phase containers, flow lines, pump, gradient mixer etc., can cause peaks to appear in chromatograms. If such ghost peaks appear, it can be difficult to distinguish them from peaks corresponding to trace sample components, reducing analysis reliability.
    Furthermore, identifying the source of ghost peaks can be extremely time-consuming, and has been a source of frustration for chromatographers, particularly in trace analysis work. The Ghost-Guard-LC column enabled efficient removal of impurities from mobile phase solvents and other sources by adsorption to easily avoid the effects of ghost peaks in analysis.
    Ghost-Guard-LC columns can be used to efficiently adsorb impurities in both aqueous and organic solvents. Using the Ghost-Guard-LC in reverse-phase gradient elution, which is widely used in liquid chromatography, allows adsorbing and removing all components that cause ghost peaks from mobile phases and their flow lines. This can significantly increase the analytical accuracy of trace analysis. Previously, if ghost peaking interfered with analysis, it was necessary to identify the causes and implement countermeasures, which was extremely time-consuming. In contrast, using the Ghost-Guard-LC easily removes the causes without any need to investigate their source.

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