Friday, 10 February 2012

Hand Disinfection Procedure in Pharma

In pharmaceuticals hands disinfection is considered to be a part of contamination control, because hands plays a major role for transferring microbial contamination from one place to another.Personnels  working in clean rooms can carry many types of microorganisms on their hands and it can be readily transfered from person to person or from person to equipment or critical surfaces.

Alcohols have a long history of use as disinfectant due to their inherent antiseptic properties against some bacterias and virus.Usually in pharmaceuticals 70% IPA (Iso Propyl Alcohol) is used as hand disinfectants.

The technique of hand disinfection is of great importance as the effectiveness is not only with the alcohols but also relates to 'rub - in' technique,which is pictorially given below

When ever doing hand disinfection pay attention to the following areas

  • Finger nails
  • Back of hands
  • Wrists
  • Between webs of fingers
  • Thumb

After disinfection allow the hands to dry.This should not take more than 60 seconds.Regular application of hand disinfects are required prior to carry out critical operations,because alcohols are volatile in nature and do not provide a continued antimicrobial action.

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